High school places

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Parents of Year 6 pupils have until Friday, October 31, to apply for a high school place for September 2015. This can be done online by following the instructions, you will get an automatic confirmation. There is also a guide on how to apply, visit: www.luton.goc.uk/admissions.

You must apply for a school place even if you have already made an earlier application direct to the school, your preferred school is not in Luton or if your preferred school is a faith school, a foundation school, an academy or a free school.

If you choose Cardinal Newman Catholic School, you must also download a copy of the school’s supplementary form and provide your child’s original baptismal certificate.

If you can not apply online you can get an application form and copy of the guidance from your local junior or primary school or from the Council’s admissions team. Late applications will not be considered until after all applications submitted on time are reviewed.

Any offer of a place at Luton Girls’ Academy, made by the Council, will be conditional and subject to the Secretary of State for Education agreeing a funding agreement with the Academy at a later date.

The Academy is a new school that is in the process of planning to open in September 2015 and will not have a funding agreement signed by the Department for Education before 2 March 2015 (high school national offer date).

Councillor Waheed Akbar said: “If you have not yet applied for a secondary school place for your child, please do not delay and apply now. And don’t forget to refer to our guide, which provides useful information about schools and also the admission criteria, which will aid you in making realistic choices.”