Holi Festival brings colour

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It’s a carnival of colour and St George’s Square in Luton has never seen anything like it.

More than 100 people turned out to take part in the ancient Hindu Holi Festival, throwing coloured powder over each other and accompanying a procession of musicians and dancers – in crisp white costumes – from the Town Hall to Market Square.

The festival signifies good over evil and is usually held in spring, but this was a first for Luton with dance routines for The Colour of Time choreographed by Artonik.

The dancers created mandalas (spiritual symbols) on the pavement and sprinkled themselves and the audience with powder, encouraging everyone to take part.

Once they arrived at the main stage, performers and audience alike threw sachets of intense colours in the air, dousing all around.

> The Colour of Time was organised by Luton Creates to increase cultural diversity across the town. It is one of 21 national Creative People and Places programmes funded through Arts Council England.