'˜I'm incensed! Luton Borough Council is a hyprocrite!'

Luton Borough Council has been slammed by residents for not clearing up mess allegedly left by travellers '“ and 'not providing a portable toilet or skip in the first place!'

Thursday, 14th September 2017, 5:34 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th September 2017, 5:37 pm
One residents photograph of the mess on Stopsley Common.

Residents claim that the travellers turned up on Stopsley Common on August 29, and although the group left in early September, “the council is yet to clear up the mess!”

Complaints follow an article in last week’s Herald&Post stating that the council was “appalled” by waste dumped at Power Court by travellers.

A Luton resident said: “I am incensed after reading the article last week. The council is a hypocrite!

“When the travellers turned up at Stopsley Common a quad bike was set on fire, which meant barriers were opened for the fire brigade. Nine traveller vans appeared – what a coincidence!

“Section 61 wasn’t issued until Friday September 1, hence tons of rubbish, including human excrement and asbestos was dumped.

“The mess is still there! These are open playing fields – our children are in danger.”

Another resident said: “Why don’t the council provide skips or portable toilets? Or even better, our government should build more caravan sites then travellers wouldn’t be forced into public parks. It’s not rocket science!”

A Luton Borough Council spokesman, said: “The council is disgusted by the illegal, anti-social activity of those leaving flytipping on Stopsley Common. We have appointed a contractor to clear up the mess and are currently arranging access to the site in order to restore the area as an important recreational space.

“We are determined to do all we can to prevent such activity and will be looking for evidence with a view to prosecuting anyone found responsible for this. Such disgusting activities are not ‘victimless crimes’. Clean ups are costly.

“The council has acquired new powers to tackle environmental crime. These permit us to seize vehicles which are involved in the commission of waste related offences and to impose substantial penalties, including significant fines and where appropriate, take legal action that could result in prison sentences.”