Imagine Luton dazzles crowds as outdoor festival vows to return next year

A dazzling outdoor festival in Luton town centre over the weekend delighted the public with a vast array of live acts and performances.

Wednesday, 27th June 2018, 11:55 am
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:48 pm
Circus in the big tent wowed spectators

Imagine Luton returned for a second year, bringing entertainment as varied as a circus tent, dancers leaping from concrete blocks, a ‘strongwoman’ easily capable of lifting two men in the air and a particularly epic theatre show about parking space wars!

Social media was buzzing with praise after the two day festival.

One woman posted on Twitter: “I’ve got to say everyone behind Imagine Luton deserves the biggest round of applause.

“It’s exactly what Luton needs, bringing creativity, arts and culture to its community. Absolutely buzzing for next year.”

Another added: “Imagine Luton was amazing - it was heartwarming to see so many people from all nationalities coming together, enjoying in my opinion the best festival ever held in our town.”

The big top tent in St George’s Square was host to some of the most eagerly anticipated events –featuring all kinds of incredible acrobatic and aerial feats .

Led by all-female circus troupe Mimbre, the circus activity in the tent was part of a UK-wide celebration in honour of Circus250 – the 250th anniversary of circus being invented right here in the United Kingdom.

Mimbre create uplifting, highly skilled acrobatic theatre. They returned to Luton with a specially commissioned headline show ‘The Exploded Circus’, which uses acrobatics and masterful juggling to weave a story without words about change, hope and belonging.

A beautiful visual spectacle, the show was a perfect introduction to contemporary circus and gave its audience shrieks of delight.

Another highlight of the festival was exciting outdoor theatre piece, ‘That Parking Show’ performed by Tangle Feet theatre ensemble at market Hill.

Exploring the theme of road rage, ‘That Parking Show’ shows two separate pairs driving cars (very slowly) in Market Hill, chaos ensues when they start battling over that coveted final parking space – with outrageous comedy, acrobatics and a touch of vandalism ensuing!

Imagine Luton has plans to return to the town next year.