In a buzz over the sound of summer

The sound of summer as bees buzz through the glorious sunshine making the most of the season’s flowers.

Bedfordshire Beekeepers have some useful tips if you find a swarm arriving in your garden:-

First DON’T PANIC ! Swarming bees may sound and look frightening but they are at their most harmless because they have very little to defend and are away from their hive. Often they are only with you for a few hours whilst they find a new home and fly off.

Leave them to settle down and keep a sensible distance.

Call for a beekeeper. Tell the beekeeper as much as you can. You will be asked questions that help the beekeeper to decide what it’s best to do and whether you have honey bees or some other insect such as bumble bees or wasps.

Make a donation to the Beekeepers Association. A beekeeper is a volunteer.

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