Inspiring Luton school children

Karl Nova addressing the pupils
Karl Nova addressing the pupils

Pupils from Foxdell Junior, Denbigh, Downside, Beech Hill, Bushmead and Chantry primary schools were left inspired after taking part in a day of innovative learning on Thursday, July 9.

Over 100 school children visited Kenilworth Road stadium for the Day Of Inspiration, a project run by Unleashing Potential.

The pupils got a tour of Luton Town Football stadium

The pupils got a tour of Luton Town Football stadium

The Luton charity aims to empower communities through skill development, it does this through lifelong learning programmes.

The children took part in interactive assemblies run by hip-hop artist and educational practitioner Karl Nova and football journalist Amar Azam.

Project manager Amar said: “The purpose of this initiative remains to leave children with the message that they can be whatever they wish to be when they grow up, as long as they apply themselves at school.

“Having worked with Student of Life before on many projects, we had no hesitation in repeating the formula.

“The link-up is typical of the sort of work that Unleashing Potential carries out with local schools.”

The pupils went on a stadium tour and met some of the workers at the club and learnt about their job roles.

Tyrone West, Denbigh Primary PE teacher, said: “The assembly with Karl was fun and engaging. Pupils were challenged in a different environment with pupils from different schools.”

This is the second year of the project and Luton Town Football Club has hosted the day on both occasions.