Job is just perfect for Niel

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A man with learning difficulties and mild cerebral palsy is going from strength to strength in his new job.

Niel Barnard, who works as a porter at Asda Luton branch, was left in dismay after the local sheltered workshop where he spent over 20 years of his working life closed.

Niel was left redundant by the closure. It proved difficult for him to find another job and he remained out of work for two years. Three years ago, he landed a job with Asda Luton, where he has been ever since.

Asda Luton was closed in March due to a fire and he was one of the colleagues who moved to the Dunstable store, while it was renovated.

He said: “I enjoy my job, it’s really rewarding when customers praise you for helping them. I don’t let my disabilities affect my day to day life.”

Niel and his mother, Barbara, attended the store’s reopening last month as VIP guests.

Barbara, 74, said: “Niel has been working at Asda for three years and really enjoys his portering job. They really look after those who have special needs.”

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