Join the annual peace walk to celebrate our togetherness


More than 100 people of various ages, faiths, cultures, ethnicities and nationalities will be walking together on Saturday (September 20) to show solidarity and friendship by visiting different places of worship.

The annual peace walk is even more significant in today’s global climate of violence and conflict.

A Luton Council of Faiths spokesperson said: “Luton will enact a model of peaceful co-existence, building resilience and community cohesion – not uniformity but promoting unity in diversity.”

The walk will start at 1.30pm in Farley Market Square, making its way to Farley Community Centre, St Margaret Catholic Church, Farley Methodist Church and Farley Mosque before culminating at St John the Baptist Anglican Church with afternoon tea in the vicarage garden.

School children will help decorate Farley Market Square and it’s hoped to encourage community gardening by doing some planting in Church Gardens.