July 30, 1914, Luton News

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In a week’s time 100 years ago the Luton News was full of the impact of the outbreakof the First World War.

But for one last edition life continued as normal.

Lady Wernher of Luton Hoo had come up with an interesting building scheme for a model village on the road from the kennels and the main road from Luton to Harpenden.

They will be semi detached cottages set in three sides of a square.

Luton town council heard about the success of the public baths, with 12,294 people using them in a month.

Of that figure 1,108 women had used them, plus 2,670 children from council schools to learn swimming.

Henry Wood, a stranger to Luton, who spoke in a very strong foreign accent, wasremanded in custody at the borough sessions on Saturday on a charge of loitering in Ashburnham Road with the intent of commiting a felony. He was sentenced to 14 days hard labour.

Mr Percy Carter, secretary of the Luton Education Committee, was presented with a wedding present from the school teachers of Luton.

He received an elaborate canteen of cutley.

A spokesman for the teachers said it was an opportunity to show their respect and esteem for Mr Carter.