Keeping Holocaust memories alive

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Many people across Luton Communities flocked to Luton Town Hall on a Sunday afternoon for the Holocaust memorial with theme ‘keeping memory alive’.

Survivor’s daughter Debra Barnes told the moving story of her late mother Paulette’s escape from the Nazis in Paris. Local dignitaries, Faith leaders and MP Kelvin Hopkins lit the 11 candles followed by the Kaddish led by Bedfordshire Progressive Leader David Young, and Luton United Chairman Lawrence Benjamin.

Stopsley School drama group acted out a drama based on Hedy Klein. A series of presentations were done by the Luton Polish School, the Sikh Community followed by a video on the genocide in Bosnia. MP Gavin Shuker spoke of the many horrors our world faces today. The Luton Male voice choir sang three songs from the balcony during the afternoon, before the opening of a memory box where guests had deposited their own memories for all to peruse.