Keeping vulnerable adults safe

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The Luton Safeguarding Adults Board is encouraging people in Luton to learn what to do if they are worried about an adult who may be at risk from abuse or neglect.

Abuse can happen to anyone but people may be more at risk if they are elderly, have a physical or learning disability or have mental health issues. Safeguarding adults is everyone’s responsibility, and it’s important people know about the different types of abuse and what to do if they are concerned an adult might be at risk of abuse.

Abuse can take many forms including physical, sexual, financial, psychological, discriminatory, neglect, modern slavery or organisational abuse.

It can be done on purpose, because of ignorance, lack of training or understanding and sometimes a person can be abused in more than one at the same time.

Fran Pearson, Chair of the Luton Adult Safeguarding Board, said: “It’s really important that people are aware of the different types of abuse, the signs that someone might be being abused or at risk of abuse, and what they should do about it.

“Adult abuse can happen to anyone and it’s not always easy for someone to recognise that they are being abused by someone they trust or indeed to make the decision to report.

“We all need to be vigilant and support people to recognise abuse and to report it.”

If you are concerned that an adult is at risk of abuse, contact the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 01582 547653.

For more information about the signs of abuse visit