Kosher Deli's abattoir plans raise concerns for Luton residents

Plans to open a kosher abattoir in Luton have raised concerns within the community.

Kosher Deli (UK) Ltd has submitted a planning application to Luton Borough Council for part use of premises at Unit 8 Finway, Dallow Road, as an abattoir in association with an already approved production plant.

However, local residents have voiced their objections, with arguments about noise, pollution, and the fact that the abattoir will be near a school.

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Resident, Jade Anastasia, claimed: “If this facility goes ahead it will slaughter high volumes of baby chickens, turkeys and other ‘white meat birds’ in a residential area close to a local primary school.

“This facility will have large detrimental effects on the community - between noise and smell pollution there will be an increase of livestock and refrigerated trucks in the area.”

Luton animal rights campaigners have also claimed they will “fight the application tooth and nail”.

A spokesman said: “It is believed the abattoir will slaughter more than a million chickens, turkeys and ducks a year.”

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Kosher Deli (UK) Ltd’s Design and Access statement explains that their proposal is to create a white meat abattoir on the northeast corner of the site.

The abattoir itself would be situated on the ground floor and on the mezzanine level above there would be amenities for the work force.

The deli has defended its application, addressing concerns about noise, animal welfare and pollution, and also pointing out that the site would create jobs for the community.

A Kosher Deli (UK) Ltd spokeswoman, said: “The abattoir will be built as a building within a building virtually cutting out all noise and smells. All waste goes directly into sealed containers.

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“We are building an abattoir only for poultry. There will be up to two lorries coming daily with live birds which are unloaded directly into the building.

“A traffic report we have submitted to the council demonstrates that with deliveries to and from the site, there will actually be a decrease in traffic compared to the previous use of a cash and carry. There will be only poultry.

“They are transported and unloaded in the most humane way possible as per all relevant animal welfare guidelines.

Birds will be delivered early in the morning before school starts and are also transported in covered lorries. There will be nothing to indicate these lorries are holding birds.

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“The current production facility has about 60 staff and we would expect only 30-40 per cent of those to come with us with the move; the rest of the jobs will be advertised locally, as well as the extra jobs becoming available with a larger site.

“As dictated by kosher dietary law, birds will not be stunned.

“They are slaughtered with one pass of an extremely sharp blade which kills them instantly. All slaughter is done with an FSA vet on site and complies with all relevant FSA regulations and animal welfare policies.”