Labour ban for '˜hurt' ex-councillor Jim

A former councillor suspended by the Labour Party after 53 years as a member claims it was part of a conspiracy to purge pro-Corbyn voters.

Thursday, 22nd September 2016, 2:57 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:22 pm

Jim Thakoordin, 73, received an email from Labour’s National Executive Committee last Friday informing him he was suspended from the Party.

The email was sent just days before voting for the Labour leadership election ended yesterday.

A former Beds County Councillor and parish councillor for Caddington, Mr Thakoordin, from Woodside, said: “I’ve been a member of the Party for 53 years. I feel so hurt.

“I’ve got this dreadful email, not a letter or a phonecall, to say that I breached the party rules by posting something on June 18 on social media. I’m suspended from the party.

“Although I’ve voted for Corbyn three weeks ago, my vote will not count and I cannot take part in any meetings.

“There is no indication of what the accusation is or whether I can appeal. I’ve been told the Party is busy organising the national conference and they will deal with the investigation well after that.”

The news came as bitter blow to Jim, who was himself preparing to go to the Labour Party conference with his wife. They have lost out on £540 hotel fees.

He said: “ I’m active, I’m vocal, I’m passionate but I don’t get into personal abuse.

“I’m on medication because I’ve had a second heart operation three weeks ago, I’m taking all these tablets.

“There is clearly an organised conspiracy ... to deselect Corbyn by removing his supporters from the Party and from key positions leading up to Party Conference.

“This suspension has been carefully crafted by the anti-Corbyn camp. I am going nowhere, I will stand and fight.”

In addition to Mr Thakoordin, other local party members, including Glenn Jenkins and Alan Roden, have also reportedly been suspended by the NEC in recent days.

A Party spokesman said: “The Labour Party is unable to comment on the membership status of individuals.”