Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn praises LTFC's living wage

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visited Luton Town Football Club this morning as he announced his party's plans for a £10 hourly minimum wage.

At the club, Mr Corbyn and Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell MP praised the LTFC’s adoption of the UK Living Wage - currently standing at £8.45 per hour.

Mr Corbyn sat with LTFC employees and asked about the positive changes on workers’ lives since the policy was introduced. The Hatters were notably the first English club to adopt the living wage.

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Mr McDonnell added: “If Luton can do it, other clubs can too.”

A £10 minimum wage would affect 5.6m people in Britain if Labour were to win the next General Election.

The announcement received backing from the TUC. Its general eecretary Frances O’Grady said: “With rising inflation and slower wage growth, a new living standards crisis is on the horizon.

“The minimum wage needs a serious boost in the coming years, and the TUC believes it should reach £10 an hour as soon as possible.

“This should be for all workers, instead of the current raw deal that gives young workers a lower rate.”

More to follow