Latest epic drive for Bharulata

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Luton woman Bharulata Kamble has completed her charity solo, one-day drive from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

She is the first woman to ever undertake and complete this non-stop solo driving expedition to two extremities of Great Britain.

Bharulata completed her expedition without crew, back up team or a support vehicle.

Legal executive Bharulata, 44, covered the 874 miles in 14 hours 33 minutes.

She made the trip to raise awareness of the Save Girls, Educate Girls campaign that seeks to put an end to gender selective abortion.

Bharulata is involved in charities that provide free education and support to children from tribal areas in India, and she said: “Just providing education to girls is not sufficient; they need to have an equal say and decision making opportunities.”

Last year, she drove solo from the UK to India, covering 35,383km across 32 countries.

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