Let your worries waft away with a five-star facial

Luton Hoo Spa head therapist Becky Lewis
Luton Hoo Spa head therapist Becky Lewis

There’s nothing like lying on a heated bed in a darkened room to feel all your worries waft into the gentle surround-sound, writes reporter Bev Creagh.

Luton Hoo Spa head therapist Becky Lewis is about to give me a facial and the atmosphere is so conducive to relaxation I’m almost asleep before she starts.

The venue has recently been taken over by Espa which has more than 450 spas dotted around the world, many in luxurious five-star hotels. This is escapism with a capital E.

Becky gently cleanses from brow to bra line before hovering over the surface with a skin vision lamp to pick up impurities and problem areas.

Then there’s exfoliation, followed by another gentle cleanse as I drift in and out of consciousness. I’m given a massage, accompanied by those all-important anti-ageing movements with emphasis on pressure points and lymphatic drainage to reduce toxins and puffiness. A mask is applied before a hand and scalp massage. Pure bliss.

Finally there’s special moisturing serum for my lids and lips and Becky tip toes out, telling me to take my time getting up. Have I died and gone to heaven? It certainly seems like it – and my face hasn’t felt so soft and lovely for centuries.

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