Lhouette's urban pop art strikes a pose in Luton town

Like a VirginLike a Virgin
Like a Virgin
An urban pop artist whose creative hub is near Barton Hills nature reserve has launched a bold new collection in time for Christmas.

Lhouette, also known as Ciaran Robinson, was delighted to unveil his limited edition ‘ultra pop’ print run called Strike Opposed earlier this month.

This marks the second phase of his Beyond collection, and Lhouette’s Like a Virgin, features one of the biggest voices of 80s pop.

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The artist said: “I’ve always considered Madonna to be a major symbol and I am often drawn back to her when I consider the quintessence of pop over the last 30 years.

“I chose to generate a new spin on this iconic figure and the well known saying ‘strike a pose’ – placing her in front of a contrasting environment, a police line up wall and making her ‘opposed’, and adorning her heavily in abstracted pop imagery.”

The low numbered collection consists of 20 prints and five artists proofs which are made from heavily collaged multi-layered paper, aerosol embellishment and finished with lacquer and diamond dust.

The ambitious artist grew up in Luton and Dunstable and and references to Lhouette’s childhood can be seen with his use of bold images mixed with everyday images and symbols, such as the use of cartoon characters and the ‘Happy Shopper’ motif.

Lhouette attended Icknield Lower, Priory Middle and Queensbury Upper schools in Dunstable, before enrolling with the Royal Navy until he was 22 years old.