Local governors sought for Trust

The East London NHS Foundation Trust, which provides care across Bedfordshire and Luton, is inviting local people to nominate themselves to stand as governors.


The NHS Trust provides mental health and community health services in Bedfordshire and mental health services in Luton.

The Trust is looking for one public Governor for Central Bedfordshire and one for Luton, there is an additional position for someone to represent the Rest of England constituency.

Governors represent their borough and the people who use or may need to use ELFT services, they are collectively known as the Council of Governors and are involved in strategic planning and advise the Trust’s Board of Directors on how the Trust can meet the needs of its members and local communities.

Foundation Trusts are based on the principle of local public involvement, Governors help the organisation to listen to what people want from NHS services and act as a link between the Trust and local communities.

Marie Gabriel OBE, who chairs the Trust said: “Governors play an important role in ensuring that the Trust meets the needs of people in their area.

“We value the involvement and commitment of local people who are ideally placed to tell us what their communities need.

“Our Governors play a central role in improving services and holding Non-Executive Directors to account.”

A nomination form can be obtained from the Electoral Reform Services who are running the elections for ELFT, or nominations can be made by calling 020 88899203 or visiting www.ersvotes.com/elft2018.

Governors serve terms of three years.

Individuals must already be a member of the foundation trust to nominate themselves for elections.

If you would like to become a member, contact the Trust Membership Office on 0800 032 7297.

All nomination papers should be received by the Electoral Reform Services by 5pm on Monday, August 13.

>> For more information call the Trust Membership Office.