Luton Beavers and Cubs play board game battles

The children learnt the value of team spirit
The children learnt the value of team spirit

Friendly Cubs and Beaver Scouts learned the value of ‘taking part’ during a demanding board games competition.

The young players tried their best during an afternoon of fun and friends, as they entered Icknield District Scout’s board games competition.

The challenging event was held at the Sells 7th headquarters, Birdsfoot Lane, the Beavers playing dominos and connect four, whilst the Cubs were engrossed in chess and battleships.

Organiser, Adam Mitchel, District Cub Scout Leader, said: “I would like to thank all the adults, as without their help, the competition could not have happened.

“Forty adult members from the District representing 8 groups gave up their Saturday afternoon to help.”

The games were hotly contested with only a couple of points separating the winners and runners up.

Beaver games were won by Sundon with the Blenheim colony being victorious overall.

However, it was a different story in the Cub section with Sundon still winning in the Battleships but St Augustine’s triumphant at chess, giving St Augustine’s the Cub overall victory.

The trophies were presented by the District commissioner, Martin Wesley, who congratulated all the young people present for their sense of fair play and commented on the enthusiasm they had shown during the afternoon.