Luton burglars get their comeuppance

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A man described as a ‘one man crime wave’ has been sentenced to six years in prison after committing more than 200 burglaries.

Christopher Smith, 30, of no fixed address, but based in Luton, was sentenced at Luton Crown Court on Friday (1 December) after pleading guilty to four counts of burglary, as well as three counts of theft and two counts of fraud.

A further 198 burglaries committed in Luton which Smith admitted to were taken into consideration.

Smith was arrested in May this year shortly after stealing a bike from the garden of a property in Cutenhoe Road.

CCTV images also linked him to the burglary of a house in Selbourne Road and he was subsequently charged with both offences, along with a number of others.

In addition, Natasha Warboys, 40, of Lyneham Road, Luton, was also arrested and charged in connection with the Selbourne Road burglary and was sentenced on Friday to 22 months in prison after pleading guilty of offences of burglary, theft, and assault.

While Smith was on remand, officers spent 11 days driving him around Luton, where he was able to point to 198 properties which he had burgled during his spate of offending.

During the sentencing Judge Bridge said of Smith’s offences: “It is a staggering litany of crime, nothing less than a one man crime wave which has brought untold misery, fear and inconvenience to the people of Luton.”

DC Jason Wheeler said: “Smith was a prolific burglar who caused misery to countless people during his rampant crime spree.

“He committed a large majority of his burglaries by using a screwdriver to gain entry through PVC doors which had not been locked from the inside. I would recommend to everyone with this type of door to always double locked it from the inside to help reduce the risk to being targeted by unscrupulous individuals such as Smith.

“I’m pleased that this persistent offender has now been taken off the streets for a considerable amount of time. I hope during his lengthy time in jail that Smith reflects on his actions - he has already indicated that he wishes to apologise to his victims for the distress he has caused.

“At Bedfordshire Police we are committed to reducing burglary and the sentencing of both Smith and his co-offender Warboys shows that this is a crime that both us and the courts take very seriously.”