Luton cab drivers to protest against '˜unfair' LBC licencing

Town hallTown hall
Town hall
Luton cab drivers plan to stage a protest next week against Luton Borough Council's 'unfair and biased policies' towards outside companies.

Next Wednesday, Luton Hackney Carriage Association & Luton Borough Drivers Union will protest outside Luton Town Hall from 10am to 12pm.

In a joint statement, the groups claim that UBER is using London (PCO) licensed cars in Luton which “should not be visible on UBER app in Luton”.

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They also claim that Addison Lee has used PCO drivers at the airport, and further argue that LBC does not “check or control” these drivers or their vehicles.

They stated: “We have no objection to lawful operations of UBER or Addison Lee in Luton but LBC, through inaction, are favouring large foreign controlled companies like Addison Lee and Uber who do not contribute anything towards Luton economy.

“LBC licensing manager promoted Uber on Twitter with his retweets and used public resources to promote Addison Lee at Luton Airport.”

Both groups further claim drivers with criminal backgrounds are operating in the town, and accuse LBC of attempting to lower requirements on vehicle registration in order to assist outside companies.

They also apologised to the public for the disruption in service on Wednesday morning.

Luton Borough Council have been approached for comment.