Luton Central Mosque launches urgent appeal for Pakistan earthquake victims

Luton Central Mosque has launched an urgent fundraising appeal in response to an earthquake in north-east Pakistan.

Monday, 14th October 2019, 7:11 pm
Luton Central Mosque. Credit: Google.

The quake killed at least 37 people and left 500 injured when it struck near Mirpur recently, and the mosque is determined to do all it can to help rebuild the area.

Its appeal has so far raised a staggering £9,000, and representatives from the mosque will visit the area affected in December.

Mohammed Shafait, president of Luton Central Mosque, said: “We started this appeal because there are so many people in Luton who are from that area and have family and friends who have been affected. Some have lost their lives.

“The area was hammered by the earthquake. It was a ‘7.5’ and there have been three aftershocks, that last one a ‘four’.

“People are scared to sleep inside their houses at night. The army has given people enough food and tents - it’s the rebuilding programme we are helping.”