Luton charity praises Alex's donation to the homeless

A young Luton boy has been praised by Signposts for thinking of others even though he had recently lost his mum.

Wednesday, 10th January 2018, 9:10 am
Updated Monday, 15th January 2018, 12:46 pm
Alex took the bags to Signposts

Nine years old Alex donated bags filled with warm clothes and toiletries to the charity just days after his mum’s death.

Alex and his foster parents visited the Start Over Shelter to donate the bags and the charity was overwhelmed by the act of kindness.

Signposts provides supported hostel accommodation for homeless people.

Alex with one of the bags he donated to Signposts

Alex was inspired to make the donation by his foster sister.

He said: “Erin told us she was going to help feed the homeless on Christmas Day and I felt like we should do something to help the homeless as well, so we decided to make bags for them. We put sweets, warm clothes, wipes, toothpaste, toothbrush, anything to help keep them clean, in the bags.”

The 19 bags were split into male and female donations after the local community helped as well.

Alex’s foster mum, Clare, said: “The support we have received has been amazing, the community have been really involved and everyone has wanted to help.”

Alex carrying the bags he donated to Signposts

Alex was praised by his foster parents and the charity for his donation and the way he acted during a sad time for him.

Alex said: “I was going to take the bags before Christmas but mum died, I still wanted to come down here and give the bags to the homeless so we came down last week. I felt happy when we gave them the bags, it felt good to be able to help them.”

Clare added: “Alex is really kind hearted and always wants to help others, this is all on him and we are proud of him but not surprised as that is the type of boy he is. He had a sad time over Christmas but he still wanted to come here and give the bags and help other people.”

Signposts were inspired by Alex and they said the clients were overwhelmed by the donations.

Alex with one of the bags he donated to Signposts

Phyl Rainey, Signposts Head of Community, Partnerships and Innovation, said: “Alex is a joy to meet, funny and kind, at nine years old he has an immense sense of thoughtfulness, insight and empathy.

“All of us at Signposts were truly inspired by Alex, his kind and generous heart wanting to help others, especially at such a tough time in his own young life.”

Alex said he will be doing the bags again next year and he hopes to make 30.

Fred, Alex’s foster dad, added: “We want them to understand how lucky they are to have what they have and that not everyone is as lucky as them and that they should always help others.

Alex carrying the bags he donated to Signposts

“Both Alex and Erin have done that and we are proud of them. He is a strong lad and for him to carry on and still come down here after Christmas after losing his mum, is amazing.”