Luton customer ‘upset’ after cash goes missing but no CCTV available from post office ATM camera

Anne Brennan.
Anne Brennan.

A Luton woman claims she has been left “upset” after her money went missing from a post office ATM, but there was no CCTV available for police to investigate.

Anne Brennan, 58, visited Limbury Mead Post Office, Calverton Road, on September 19, withdrawing £100 from the ATM outside the shop, but forgetting to take the cash from the machine.

Inside, she realised that she had forgotten, but rushed out to find the money had gone.

Anne claims that she asked the post office if the CCTV from above the ATM could help, but was told that none was available on that occasion.

Anne alleged: “I asked a blonde girl outside who said a man in the queue before her may have taken the cash.

“I can’t get the £100 back, that’s gone, but despite there being a sticker on the shop window saying that the camera above the cash machine was there to protect customers, I was told the CCTV wasn’t actually switched on!”

A Bedfordshire Police spokeswoman, said: “Unfortunately CCTV did not capture the incident and enquiries have not identified any possible suspects.

“The report has been filed pending further information coming to light, but officers would encourage anyone with any information about the incident to come forward to police by calling 101 with the reference C/40193/2017.”

A Post Office spokeswoman, on behalf of the Limbury Mead postmaster, said: “We are sorry to hear that this lady forgot to pick up her cash.

“Limbury Mead Post Office checked to make sure the ATM had not retracted the notes.

“There was no CCTV footage available to pass on to the police.”

The spokeswoman would not comment further about the shop’s CCTV policy.