Luton dad attacked by bull dog in front of terrified family

A dad suffered 29 bitemarks as he was savagely attacked by a Staffordshire bull terrier in front of his family in Luton.

Monday, 22nd August 2016, 8:51 am
Updated Monday, 22nd August 2016, 9:55 am

Taxi driver Mizan Ali was returning home to Blaydon Road, Luton, when the attack took place on Monday, August 8 at around 11pm.

Mr Ali said: “The dog came running while I was still standing on my drive and jumped on my back.

“I was on the ground and he was biting me on my back, my legs and my shoulders, everywhere.

“My 16-year-old daughter was standing at the window screaming... My wife was screaming.”

Mr Ali said the attack lasted for several minutes. After getting to his feet, he fought off the dog as it followed him into middle of the street.

“He was trying to get at my throat and I had both hands on his head trying to push him away.”

Mr Ali’s ordeal came to an end when the owner of the dog appeared and dragged it away by its collar. Police and ambulance were called.

He said: “I went to hospital and they found 29 bitemarks, I’m covered in scars. He would have killed me if I hadn’t fought back.

“There were so many witnesses, people were scared to come out. If it was a small child he would have killed it and we’ve got several families with children living in this street.”

Although emergency services quickly arrived to the scene, Mr Ali claims police promised to seize the dog but that this has not happened.

He said: “At the beginning the police were fine, they promised they were going to arrest the owner. They told me if the dog comes back just to ring 999. I’ve rang five times, my neighbour has rang, everybody has rang but no-one has come out.

“Either they are not doing their job or they don’t have the resources.”

A Bedfordshire Police spokesman said: “We were called by the ambulance service to reports that a man had been bitten by a dog at around 10.55pm on Monday August 8. Officers attended and investigations are on-going.”

Mr Ali said his teenage daughter has since been treated for shock after witnessing the incident.

He added: “If that dog is still out there, somebody is going to be attacked. And I don’t think anyone will do anything until someone is killed.”