Luton firefighters save garages and shed from being engulfed by 20ft flames

Luton Community Fire Station. Credit: Google.
Luton Community Fire Station. Credit: Google.

A Luton resident has praised Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service after crews battled to extinguish a huge hedge fire during the soaring summer temperatures.

The blaze happened on Sunday, August 5, at about 9.30pm down the Lawn Path alleyway (near Wild Cherry Drive), with flames leaping 20ft high.

One eyewitness said: “A dangerous situation was narrowly averted by the wonderful fire brigade.

“These guys were working flat out in full protective gear in what must have been nearly 30 degrees - a testament to their dedication and fitness.”

Crew commander, Mark Blakey, Luton Community Fire Station who was in charge, said: “Thanks to the swift actions and hard work of Luton Green Watch the fire was quickly brought under control.

“Crews used an extended hose reel jet and a 50mm jet to extinguish the 20ft flames that had spread about 20metres long in trees and hedgerow, threatening to engulf two garages and a shed.

“The location was challenging. The hot weather assisted the rapid fire spread”.

However, the eyewitness also claimed: “The work of the fire service could have been made so much easier if the council kept the pathways clear -the engine had to stop at the bottom and haul the hoses uphill for around 300 metres.

“We have reported the alleyway to the council and we are basically ignored.”

A Luton Borough Council spokesman, said: “We are aware of this issue and have already made an initial investigation of the area.

“We are of the opinion that all the overgrowing vegetation stems from private properties.

“A further, more technical investigation will be carried out to determine whether this constitutes an obstruction to the path and therefore if we need to issue instructions to the residents to remove the overhanging foliage.”

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue did not wish to comment further.