‘Luton HQ’ plans for EDL

Stephen Lennon's tanning shop, which he says he is unable to run as a business
Stephen Lennon's tanning shop, which he says he is unable to run as a business

The English Defence League is set to open a headquarters in Luton, says its leader, who has been released from jail.

Stephen Lennon, who calls himself Tommy Robinson, said the HQ would be at his tanning shop premises in Hastings Street.

“It will be like the Discover Islam centre but we will be telling the truth about Islam,” he said.

“I will be in there every day. It’s going to be a nightmare for the police because it’s going to get attacked.”

Lennon said the headquarters would be run as a “charity”, as he was unable to run a business because the police had had his bank accounts frozen.

The EDL leader has a tag to ensure he obeys a curfew order after spending 18 weeks in jail for entering the US on a false passport.

“They only let me out because my solicitor was taking the governor to court because I wasn’t allowed out of my cell,” he said. “The reason they were giving was the threat against me.”

He has also been charged with conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud, which he described as “pathetic”, saying: “I can guarantee you it will get thrown out.”

He is currently barred from attending any English Defence League demos due to bail conditions following his arrest in October, allegedly en route a mosque in east London.

A demo in Manchester at the weekend attracted around 500 EDL members, but one in Cambridge in February drew just 30. There have been rumours that Lennon and his uncle Kevin Carroll are set to be deposed as EDL leaders by splinter group the North West Infidels.