Luton man fined for fly tipping

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A 52-year-old man was fined £1788 for fly tipping when he appeared before Luton Magistrates Court on Monday, February 2.

Aktar Siddique, of Selbourne Road, Luton, pleaded guilty after council enforcement officers referred the court to CCTV footage clearly showing him fly tipping from a vehicle at the Hockwell Ring Neighbourhood Recycling Centre in Mayne Avenue.

The footage showed him dumping waste illegally eight times over 12 days between last April and May.

Mr Siddiquee collected waste from local houses, sifted through the rubbish, keeping material such as metal to sell, he then dumped it at the Recycling Centre.

He is not a registered waste carrier, he was transporting the waste illegally.

The council is advising residents to use a licenced waste carrier and ask for a receipt.

Councillor Dave Taylor said: “If you allow anyone to remove your waste - possibly at a cheap rate - without first checking they are a licenced waste carrier and asking for a receipt (known as a transfer note), then you are supporting and encouraging illegal fly tipping.

“Remember that you the customer is responsible for ensuring your waste carrier is licenced and genuine.

“You are liable to prosecution if your carrier is not the genuine article.”