Luton man gets the gift of sound

Brian Cooper from Luton has been chosen to win a free pair of digital hearing aids from high street hearing specialists Hidden Hearing. 'I've never won anything before so to be gifted back my hearing is amazing!' he said.

Saturday, 9th June 2018, 4:39 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 4:34 pm

The award is part of Hidden Hearing’s support for the National Campaign for Better Hearing, to help raise awareness of the importance of having annual hearing tests at 55.

Brian Cooper’s story touched the expert panel, consisting of GP and health broadcaster Dr Hilary Jones, royal correspondent and celebrity ambassador for the Campaign for Better Hearing, Jennie Bond, and Dr Laura Phipps from Alzheimer’s Research UK, who decided Brain was a worthy recipient of the advanced hearing aid system.

Brian had been struggling with his hearing for a while, the little conversations with family and friends had become a problem and his wife was at her wits’ end. He’d had tests before but this time thanks to the National Campaign for Better Hearing he was nominated for a free aid by audiologist Rob Mclean at the Hidden Hearing centre in St Albans, and his whole family is delighted to get the old Brian back.

Rob Mclean, who tested and nominated Brian, said: “Many people ignore their hearing problems until it’s too late which can affect their health and quality of life. This is particularly important for those aged in their 50s and above. This campaign is a great initiative and we’re encouraging everyone in the area to ‘Test Your Ears At 55 Years’.”

Each month, Hidden Hearing is donating up to five pairs of hearing aids, one for every 1,000 free hearing tests that they carry out nationwide. The initiative is part of Hidden Hearing’s commitment to get everyone in the UK aged over 55 to have a regular hearing check so they can enjoy more of life’s magic moments.

To enter the Campaign for Better Hearing Giveback Award email [email protected] and in the email, give your name, contact number, address and who you’d like to nominate with their name, telephone number and address. Please write a summary of why you would like to nominate that person for a free hearing test and potentially a free pair of hearing devices.

You can find out more about the Campaign for Better Hearing by visiting