Luton man shows solidarity with Peshawar victims

Kazaan Rathor at the site of the school massacre
Kazaan Rathor at the site of the school massacre

A Luton man travelling in Kashmir was so horrified to learn of the brutal massacre of 133 children in Peshawar by Taliban extremists, he felt compelled to travel over eight hours from Kashmir to the site of the massacre.

Kazaan Rathor, 35, was in the region for his brother’s wedding when he heard about the atrocity.

Moved to take action, he journeyed through the mountains, passing through military security checks so that he could pay homage at the site.

Once there, he left a banner proclaiming “One Love, One Family, One Luton Community, One Kotli Community” which still stands at the school where the attack took place. 
Kazaan’s brother, Aamar, told Luton News: “He said it was a sign of solidarity and we need to stand up to this barbaric behaviour. He’s a father of three himself and said no parent should have to face that kind of news.”
Amaar added: “We don’t want anyone in Luton to feel alienated by what’s happened. It doesn’t represent our country and it doesn’t represent our people.”

On Saturday December 21 and Sunday December 22, two separate candle-lit vigils were held outside Luton Town Hall in remembrance of the victims.