Luton MPs throw their support behind Save Our Town

Luton MPs Kelvin Hopkins and Gavin Shuker have thrown their support behind the Save Our Town campaign.
Luton makes its feelings known to Capital & RegionalLuton makes its feelings known to Capital & Regional
Luton makes its feelings known to Capital & Regional

The group was set up at the weekend to show the overwhelming backing for Luton Town’s double planning application for a new ground at Power Court and mixed use scheme in Newlands Park.

With over 11,000 people behind the proposals when they were submitted in August 2016, the only objector is the Mall owners Capital & Regional, with Save Our Town members demonstrating outside the company’s AGM earlier this week.

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In an email to the campaign, Mr Hopkins, who is the Labour MP for Luton North, said: “I give my total support to the Luton #saveourtown campaign and the plans to develop the Power Court and Newlands Park sites.

“At the heart of it all is the plan for a wonderful new stadium, a truly fitting ground for our great football club.

"Transforming Power Court into a new stunning architectural gem at the centre of our town for all our citizens to enjoy and wonder at will be a cause of immense celebration and a massive boost for Luton.

"Passengers passing through Luton by train will see a new Luton, a modern dynamic town on the up, somewhere whey they would wish to visit - to watch football, to shop, to dine in our restaurants.

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"The new university, our Olympic swimming pool and growing airport have been brilliant for Luton and the new development at Power Court and Newlands Park with our new stadium will being yet greater pride to Luton - so let's get it built."

Meanwhile, speaking on the ITV News, Mr Shuker, who is Labour MP for Luton South, added: “We need the local authority to take the application through as quickly as it can, to avoid calling in by the secretary of state, because this is a proposal overwhelmingly supported by my constituents.

“But we also need Capital & Regional to accept that they don’t get to have a monopoly over what happen to our town centre.”