Luton mum jailed after attacking police officer

A troubled mum was jailed for nearly three months after attacking a police officer and security guard.

Friday, 24th March 2017, 1:57 pm
Updated Saturday, 25th March 2017, 11:44 am

Anastasia Upton, 33, appeared at Luton Magistrates Court on Monday, March 20, after failing to attend court twice.

The prosecution stated that Upton was spotted stealing two bottles of wine from Tesco in Dallow Road, Luton on July 27 last year.

“When police approached her, they could see she was under the influence and was aggressive.

“She was taken to the police station, where she carried on shouting and being aggressive.”

Once there, she resisted a strip search and leapt from her bed to punch a female constable in the eye – resulting in pain and discomfort.

In a separate incident on November 25, Upton kicked a security guard at the Galaxy Centre, Luton, after he stopped her attempting to expose herself.

Defending her, solicitor Kajel Doshi told the court Upton had suffered a number of personal tragedies, was living in a caravan and had a son in care.

Passing sentence, District Judge Carolyn Mellanby described Upton’s lifestyle as “out of control”. A Criminal Behaviour Order was also imposed banning Upton from The Mall and The Galaxy Centre for two years.