Luton pub told to get its CCTV in working order

Two crime allegations have led to extra conditions being added to the licence for an historic Luton town centre pub.

Monday, 19th November 2018, 10:09 am
Updated Monday, 19th November 2018, 11:11 am

The alleged incidents were an assault resulting in GBH and one of racial abuse at The Engine (also known as The Shisha Shack) in Bute Street.

CCTV equipment was seized following the first incident, but was found not to be working, a meeting of Luton Borough Council’s licensing panel was told.

And the police were told the CCTV had burnt out at the time of the second.

Bedfordshire Police licensing officer PC Darren Welch said of the first incident: “An officer went to obtain the CCTV footage, but staff couldn’t find anyone to operate it at the premises, so the equipment was taken away.”

A letter was sent out explaining the issues relating to the CCTV, according to PC Welch.

“In May, there was an allegation from a customer at the venue who alleged she had been racially abused again by staff,” he added.

“Again there was no CCTV in operation on that evening.”

“I have had a conversation with the designated premises supervisor (DPS) Mohammed Maroof and he explained there had been various issues there, including electrical problems.

“I am satisfied that at the current time the CCTV is working.”

Mr Maroof said a letter about a CCTV contract shows what action has been taken since he met the police.

“We are not selling alcohol in the venue. But nine times out of ten this sort of incident happens when you refuse them and we don’t want them to bring in alcohol.

The committee called for two trained door supervisors at the weekend and the continued maintenance of the CCTV system.