Luton’s Holy Trinity Church celebrates 150 years

Holy Trinity Church Biscot Parish
Holy Trinity Church Biscot Parish

The Holy Trinity Church of Biscot Parish, Luton, is marking its 150th anniversary, as several special events are being organised to commemorate the occasion.

Referred to as the ‘Mother Church’ of Luton, originally being the first in its area, Holy Trinity is inviting the public to help begin its celebrations on June 2.

A Eucharist service will be held at 12noon with the accompaniment of the Army Cadet Band followed by refreshments and food.

William Raghu, Church Warden, said: “Holy Trinity Church Luton is also a Commonwealth Cemetery where many of our fallen heroes of the First and Second World Wars were laid to rest.”

Other events include a flower festival on the July 14 and 15, and Songs of Praise at 3pm on September 16 with the accompaniment of the Salvation Army Band.

The church is seeking sponsors for the floral exhibit.