Luton school champions visit Wembley Stadium

Some of the most deserving school children from Luton primary schools were rewarded with a grand day at Wembley Stadium last week.

Wednesday, 26th July 2017, 2:16 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:43 pm
A workshop delivered by Raj Anand of Wembleys Learning

The ‘Day of Inspiration’ project saw pupils from Denbigh Primary, Wigmore Primary, Bushmead Primary and Farley Hill Junior School come to the national stadium for an unforgettable experience laid on by Luton charity Unleashing Potential.

They took part in a series of energising learning activities in the stadium’s Learning Zone before embarking on a thrilling stadium tour, which included a walk out of the tunnel.

Amar Azam, a project manager for Unleashing Potential, said: “Our work enables schools to recognise those learners that have put in that additional effort over the course of their studies.”

The schools selected pupils from their Year 4 classes, with schools bringing up to 15 children each.

The initiative will be repeated in the Spring term.

Unleashing Potential is a Luton-based charity, that seeks to empower communities through skills development.

To sign your school up, please email Amar Azam on [email protected] or call: 07930 105 106.