Luton singer-songwriter Miss Fiona Raè storms VEVO with new single Lean On Me

Miss Fiona Rae. Credit VEVO and  Martyna @photography_by_umartyna
Miss Fiona Rae. Credit VEVO and Martyna @photography_by_umartyna

An ambitious Luton singer is releasing her new single ‘Lean On Me’, while giving talented young dancers the opportunity to star in its VEVO video.

Fiona Raè, of Farley Fields, known by her artist name, Miss Fiona Raè, recorded her new track at MAK Studios, Bedford, in June with her producer, Rich West.

The music video for Lean On Me, an up tempo, 90s urban/reggaeton beat, features youngsters from Luton dance school, Phoenix Starr Academy, and Fiona was delighted to give its students a platform.

Her musical career has also taken a huge leap, as she is now an artist with international music channel, VEVO, making the dancers’ appearance even more special and Luton town proud.

Miss Fiona Raè, said: “My daughter Chantai [11] is a street dancer and attends the academy - it was a special moment to having her right next to me on set.

“Meanwhile, two extremely talented students who I picked were Nikita [11 - street dancer, contemporary, acro] and Tom [15 - free runner, street dancer, flips and acro]. I wanted to give them the recognition they deserve.”

Nikita, Tom and Chantai.  Credit: VEVO and Martyna @photography_by_umartyna

Nikita, Tom and Chantai. Credit: VEVO and Martyna @photography_by_umartyna

The video was filmed in Waterloo’s Leake Street ‘Graffiti Tunnel’, an urban setting with graffiti art covering its every inch.

The singer-songwriter chose the location because of her love for the style and because it fitted with the track.

She said: “The video took one day to shoot and my director put so much hard work into the final edit; I couldn’t be happier.

“This is my first music video I’ve shot on this scale, and to a track I wrote myself.

Credit: VEVO and Martyna @photography_by_umartyna

Credit: VEVO and Martyna @photography_by_umartyna

“The kids were extremely excited and loved being on the set - I think they even had more costume changes then me - but I loved having them there!

“They all excelled in front of the cameras and when we finished shooting they all thanked me for giving them the opportunity which I was very moved by. ‘We loved it!’ they said.”

Miss Fiona Raè describes being a VEVO artist as being one of her biggest goals, “humbled” to be accepted.

She now hopes her Luton and international fans will support her new single Lean On Me and looks forward to the future with the music channel.

She added: “It’s been such a confidence boost that my own music and video content is gaining recognition and showing me all the hard work was worth it!

“Lean On Me is about finding a new love and being in a new relationship that is so beautiful but intense; it’s ‘letting him know’ you’ll always be there and that he can lean on you.

“I wrote the song just after I released my single Attention.

“I knew I wanted my next track to be up tempo as this was going to be my summer release.”

Miss Fiona Raè would like to thank her “amazing mum May”, family and friends, Martin (sponsor and ceo) of ON THE MONEY clothing brand, MAK Studios, producer Rich West, Josh and Martha at ‘I capture media’, her “beautiful daughter Chantai” for inspiring her everyday, dancers Nikita and Tom and their “amazing” parents, and her on set photographer, Martyna.

Miss Fiona Raè concluded: “To my dancers, love you guys - I can’t wait for people to see you shining

“I would like to thank all the people who have supported my music journey so far it means so much and I’m so grateful of each and every one of you.”

The single (released on August 15) is already available to purchase on all major streaming platforms:

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