Luton student jailed for vicious attack

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A Luton college student has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for stabbing a fellow student in the head.

Keenan Megan-George, 20, of Mossdale Court, Luton, was sentenced at Luton Crown Court on Tuesday, September 5, after being found guilty by a jury of committing grievous bodily harm with intent to cause harm.

At around 2.45pm on Wednesday 10 February 2016, Megan-George was walking through Dunstable with a group of fellow college students.

While in the car park of Grove Theatre, he took exception to a comment made by one of the group and attacked him with a flick knife – stabbing him in the head repeatedly.

Detective Constable Steve Francis, who investigated the incident, said: “This was an absolutely appalling incident which saw Megan-George turn on a friend and viciously attack him.

“The victim sustained serious injuries in the incident but it could have been a lot worse and could have potentially cost him his life. I’m pleased that the courts have recognised the severity of the attack and handed out a lengthy sentence.

“This shows that violence in Bedfordshire will not be tolerated and we will come down hard on those who seek to bring harm to others in this way. It’s important people know that just by carrying a knife they are at higher risk of becoming a victim themselves and could end up with a criminal record.”