Luton Vauxhall’s tree-mendous recycling for Keech Hospice campaign

Recycling: The Vauxhall staff and the Christmas trees.
Recycling: The Vauxhall staff and the Christmas trees.

Luton’s Vauxhall workers had a tree-mendous response to a social media appeal from Keech Hospice Care to collect unwanted Christmas trees for recycling.

Four vans from Vauxhall, including two Luton-built Vivaros, picked up the trees for a small donation to the hospice.

They then delivered the trees to the charity, on Great Bramingham Lane, and the plants will now be recycled in to wood chip and used in the hospice’s gardens.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Keech Hospice Care and to have collected over 60 unwanted Christmas trees,” said Cherie Denton, Vauxhall’s community coordinator.

“At Vauxhall we are pleased to support our local community and what better way to help a local charity and the environment at the same time.”

Vauxhall has been involved in a number of fundraisers.

Before Christmas, it collected toys after it heard that the Salvation Army had been broken into and had its presents for disadvantaged children stolen.