Lutonian’s warning after he is targeted by ‘Microsoft scam’


A Luton man is warning others to stay wary of a con which saw scammers take control of his computer and request cash for bogus services.

The 61-year-old, who wished not to be named, was contacted by an individual claiming to be a Microsoft engineer, who told him he needed to upgrade his security software.

After calling back on an 0800 number the 61-year-old unwittingly handed over control of his computer– which was then used by scammers for 30 minutes.

The Lutonian was next asked to make a payment of £79.60, which he refused to do after becoming suspicious .

He now needs his computer fixed to reverse changes made by conmen.

After spotting a report in last week’s Herald and Post on the conviction of Mohammed Khalid Jamil, who ran a ‘Microsoft scam’ company, the 61-year-old came forward to warn others.

He said: “This type of thing is happening and other people who are not computer literate need to take care. I had sleepless nights over it all.”

“It sounded like the men were from India, though the one I spoke to gave his name as ‘Sylvester Wilson’.