Luton's Night Wolf packs new sound and inspirations into album '˜A Year In Brief'

An adventurous Luton music producer has released a new album after being inspired by sounds and instruments from his travels around the world.

Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 4:46 pm
Updated Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 6:16 pm
Ryan Wilcox aka Night Wolf

Ryan Wilcox, 32, who is known by the name of Night Wolf is introducing fans to ‘A Year In Brief’, which will be available from December.

His exciting new work, released and published through Italian company, Flipper Music and Denab Records, is described as a combination of the “lows and highs” from his year spent back in the UK after travelling around Europe.

Ryan said: “This album is a reflection of my last year coming back to the UK after leaving Budapest in December.

Night Wolf

“Travelling solo gives you an amazing opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and share their knowledge and experiences.

“I found great interest in discovering new music through travelling and have many songs from artists both new and old from many different countries, mainly in Europe. The track names tell a story in themselves and sum up the rollercoaster I have been on for the year.

“This album is mainly for production use so hopefully they will be selected in future productions for film, TV or games.”

Ryan’s music is currently being considered for “a big project” and he has previously had his work featured on a National Geographic documentary, film trailers, and more.

The former South Luton High pupil describes his memories of the town as “more good than bad”, and said: “Luton has a special charm to it that many outsiders may not see - but there is good and bad in all places - and there is still a lot of good.”

Commenting on the recent knife crime reports, he added: “I find it very sad and unexplainable in regards to the attacks going on but I also feel like there is not any support for the younger generations.

“The UK schooling system fails young people and does not teach them anything of themselves or the real world.

“They are lead to believe they can be and do anything they want and then are annoyed that the world was not given to them as promised on a plate.

“I also feel like the media in general maybe do not take the right approach to how they keep highlighting the problem; it surely breeds fear into vulnerable minds, making people fear for their own safety, and in turn they think they must defend themselves.

“It is such a negative circle and it should be more heavily clamped down on when it comes to punishments. A knife hurts far more people then can be imagined not only the victim.

“I wish we could focus more on the positive aspects of our communities and focus on the things we can do to help each other rather than hurt and hate each other.

“Take the time to sit back and really allow yourself to dream. Just don’t expect change to happen overnight - and it sure as hell is not going to be given to you! Work hard on your own dreams and not the others of only greed.”

>; Album: £9.99 from online stores.