Luton's roads surfaces are to get a facelift

More that 25 roads are to be repaired in Luton over the coming weeks,

Tuesday, 15th August 2017, 12:22 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:08 pm

And residents on the affected roads are being asked to park elsewhere while work is being carried out.

According to Luton Borough Council road treatment is a cost effective way of prolonging the life of the existing surface by sealing it from air and water which are primary causes of pot holes.

The Council is increasingly looking for ways to use treatments to prolong the life of carriageways rather than letting the surfaces deteriorate until it becomes necessary to resurface. Resurfacing is an expensive process and to undertake this in isolation is not cost effective.

The works going ahead this month and next, supplement the existing resurfacing programme where the Council is investing over £2.2 million to tackle cracked and potholed roads.

The roads below are scheduled for treatment, known as micro asphalt and the surface takes a few weeks to weather and bed in by road users. Residents are asked not to park on the road while the works are taking place.

Malham Close – 16 August

Clover Close – 16 August

Ramsey Close – 16 August

Guernsey Close – 17 August

Jersey Road – 17 August

Orpington Close – 17 August

Percheron Drive – 17 August

Minorca Way – 18 August

Purcell Road - 18 August

Beadlow Road - 16 & 18-20 August

Alder Crescent - 21-22 August

Emerald Road – 23 August

Rowelfield – 17 August & 6 September

Jubilee Street – 17 August & 2 September

Drayton Road – 20 August

Vesper Close – 17 & 24 August

Wimple Road – 18 & 24 August

Chapterhouse Road – 21–22 & 24-25 August

Poets Green – 23 & 29 August

Browning Road – 24 & 30-31 August

Byron Road – 31 August & 1 September

Williton Road – 16 August & 3 September

Yeovil Road – 30 August & 5 September

Burnham Road – 31 August & 3-4 September

Alpine Way – 31 August & 2 September

Clevedon Road 1 September & 4 September

Work on May Street and Oxen Road was carried out yesterday.

Dates may change due to the weather. Residents have been informed of the works by a letter and are asked to look at the advanced warning boards placed on the road for further updates.

Cllr Paul Castleman, portfolio holder for transport, said: “Maintaining the roads is essential to ensure that they are kept in good condition for drivers. These works follow concerns raised locally about the condition of the road surface.”

For enquires related to the programme, please contact Luton Highways on 01582 547056 or email [email protected]

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