Luton's tower blocks to get a caretaker

Long-suffering tenants in council-owned tower blocks in Luton are set to benefit from a new form of caretaker service.

Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 12:04 pm
Updated Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 12:07 pm

The plan is for a new concierge and housing inspection team across the town, which will report any crime or anti-social behaviour and monitor the premises.

It would benefit nine council-owned high rise blocks in the town, with three at Hockwell Ring, three at Marsh Farm and three at Park Town.

There are also 430 low rise blocks spread around the town, belonging to the council, as well as the temporary accommodation block at Wesley House.

Some of the 23-strong inspection team will operate where needed in the three high rise areas of the town, with others working from the foyer at Wesley House.

Residents have complained about poor cleaning standards, a lack of block inspections, windows not being cleaned in high rise blocks, and a lack of staff visibility.

Luton Borough Council’s interim head of housing operations, Sarah Markham, said: “The feedback from tenants was that they’re not satisfied with the way we manage our estates and blocks.

“What happened over Grenfell Tower shows a need to take these things seriously.

“We are proposing a more proactive management service. There will be a more visible response, and it will be safer.

“It won’t be 24/7, but at times of the day where we feel appropriate.”

She told the council’s administration and regulation committee on Tuesday evening (April 24) that the scheme would pay for itself through a service charge to tenants and leaseholders.

Councillors agreed to support a recommendation to approve the posts for the new inspection team.