Man taken to hospital after chip pan fire in Luton


A man was taken to hospital after a chip pan fire set a kitchen ablaze in Luton.

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service were alerted from a smoke alarm in the third floor flat on Hastings Street at 6.30pm on Tuesday and firefighters from Luton and Stopsley Fire Stations arrived on scene just minutes later.

When they arrived they found a kitchen fire in progress caused by a chip pan.

They used one hose reel and two breathing apparatus to put the fire out and positive pressure ventilation to clear smoke from the property.

There was one male casualty who suffered from superficial burns to his face and smoke inhalation.

He was attended to by the ambulance service and taken to hospital.

The incident was closed at 17.03.

Stopsley Station commander Steve Allen, who attended the fire, said: “The good news was that the alarm did its job and alerted us to the fire.

“This enabled us to arrive promptly before the fire had developed out of control.

“I’d like to thank the firefighters who swiftly and effectively tackled the fire, limiting the damage and impact on other residents of the flats.

“Cooking with oil can be hazardous, especially if is left unattended. BFRS recommend using a deep fat fryer rather than an open pan when deep frying, as the temperature is controlled by a thermostat. Unattended cooking accounts for a very high proportion of accidental fires.

“Residents and homeowners are recommended to fit and regularly test smoke detectors. BFRS offer free Home Fire Safety Visits where advice can be given on cooking safety, general home fire safety and making an escape plan.”