Mayah Shahzad death: Council to ‘examine’ report on road safety of Bury Park

Mourners place flowers for Mayah at the scene of the collision on Dunstable Road
Mourners place flowers for Mayah at the scene of the collision on Dunstable Road

An independent report which questions the road safety of Bury Park following the death of a three-year-old girl will be ‘examined’, according to Luton Borough Council.

Mayah Shazad was hit by a bus on Dunstable Road on August 8 last year during a family day out.

Mayah Shazad

Mayah Shazad

In March a coroner’s inquest concluded that no-one was to blame for the tragic incident but the three-year-old’s family have continued to campaign over the layout of the road, which they believe is unsafe for pedestrians.

Mayah’s parents raised money and commissioned David Winstanley, a forensic consultant who spent a third of his 30 years working for the police as a collision investigator.

After making a site visit Mr Winstanley has written a report which concludes that “there is still room for improvement” on Dunstable Road.

The report claims that road side bollards pose a grave risk as a child “could blend in with the line of bollards.

“This situation could be exasperated if a child was wearing dark clothing that blended with the colour of the bollards.”

The report adds that the layout of the road is not wide enough and is confusing for drivers and pedestrians.

It states: “On occasions pedestrians were seen to break out into a run to clear the carriageway, supporting that there was some degree of uncertainty on who had right of way.

“It was evident from my observations that the three uncontrolled crossing points required some form of regulation to ensure pedestrian safety was at a higher level.

“(There are) narrow margins that potentially exist between a pedestrian standing on the footpath and vehicles being driven on the road.

“Large vehicles such as buses and lorries seemed to pose the greatest risk to pedestrians.”

Mr Winstanley’s report was sent to Luton Borough Council officers this morning.

Attiq Malik, a solicitor representing the Shazad family, has pressed LBC on “whether any action will be taken to address the concerns raised”.

An LBC spokesperson told the Luton News: “The council welcomes feedback and will therefore examine the report.

“However, the accident was a terrible tragedy for the whole community and our thoughts remain firmly with the family and everyone affected by what happened.

“There has been a significant reduction in accidents on Dunstable Road since the current road layout was introduced in 2006– the police investigation found it was not a contributory factor in the incident and the coroner said it was a tragic death caused by a traffic collision with no contributory factors associated with the road environment.”