Mess and human faeces left at Luton Traveller campsite but should LBC provide bins?

Angry Luton residents have been left in dismay as they walked through the remains of a Traveller encampment this morning - an area they say is littered with mess and human excrement.

Friday, 26th April 2019, 4:47 pm
Updated Friday, 26th April 2019, 5:08 pm
Land near Bramble Close.

Residents of Hockwell Ring have been urging the council to evict the Traveller families for the past week, as caravans have been parked on a green area near Bramble Close.

This morning (April 26) Luton Borough Council served a section 61, meaning the group had to leave the field, but residents say the families are now parked elsewhere around the town.

One man claimed: "They have filled the river bed with masses of rubbish, left human faeces all over the site, tons of garden waste as well.

Land near Bramble Close.

"A lot of residents have been upset.

"When the Travellers left this morning they set up two new camps: one in Bramingham Wood on Whitehorse Vale, and another in Stopsley."

However, one reader also messaged The Luton News with a different outlook, and some questions for Luton Borough Council.

The reader claimed: "I don't see why the council can't provide bins or port-a-loos while the families are there. That way, there would be somewhere for the people to put their rubbish and there wouldn't have to be this big clear up after they've left.

Land near Bramble Close.

"I think they like their traditional, travelling lifestyle. If the council provided somewhere legal for them to stop then they wouldn't park on land that's out of bounds, such as car parks or school fields. And that could go for council's up and down the country - not just LBC!"

A Luton Borough Council spokesman, said: "The council is disgusted by the illegal, antisocial activity of those leaving mess and fly tipping at Hockwell Ring. We have appointed a contractor to clear up the mess and are currently arranging access to the site in order to restore the area as an important recreational space for local people. We are determined to do all we can to prevent such activity and will be actively looking for evidence with a view to prosecuting anyone found responsible for this.

"Such disgusting activities are not 'victimless crimes'. Cleaning up afterwards is costly both in terms of finances and human resources. The council has proactively acquired new powers to tackle environmental crime. These permit us to seize vehicles which are involved in the commission of waste related offences and to impose substantial penalties, including significant fines and where appropriate, take legal action that could result in prison sentences.

"The council does not currently provide temporary accommodation for families that travel and is under no obligation to provide facilities for anyone who could dispose of their waste responsibly, but chooses not to do so."

Land near Bramble Close.
Whitehorse Vale camp.
Land near Bramble Close.
New camp at Whitehorse Vale.