‘Mess in Tennyson Road breaks my heart...’

Tennyson Road is usually known for its hilltop view of Luton. Credit: Google Street View.
Tennyson Road is usually known for its hilltop view of Luton. Credit: Google Street View.

A worried Luton resident is concerned about a neighbour’s driveway that is allegedly being targeted as a “rubbish dump”.

The woman, who lives in Tennyson Road, is fed up of people using the neighbour’s driveway to dump huge items that should be taken to the tip, claiming that the mess is a hazard for local school children attending Tennyson Road Primary School.

The fed up Lutonian has complained on behalf of her neighbour, the pair fed up of “fly-tippers turning the town into a rubbish dump”.

The concerned neighbour claimed: “It breaks my heart to see the mess dumped here, as it is only a few yards away from the primary school.

“I’m just so angry about it!”

“The property has space to park a car but at the moment it is being used as a target for rubbish.

“I’ve seen a soaking wet mattress, a broken down play pen, big black sheet of tarpaulin, and carrier bags - it is very, very unsightly.

“I’ve previously written to the council and complained and they said they would send somebody round to look but they did nothing.

“Luton used to be nice - the parks are still nice - but round the streets it is appalling!”

A Luton Borough Council spokesman, said: “Fly-tipping is irresponsible, blights the local neighbourhood, attracts vermin, and encourages further accumulation.

“It is a criminal offence and we will prosecute where we can.

“The council will try and remove fly-tipping that is on public land within one working day of the receipt of the report.

“The rubbish at Tennyson Road is on private property, and therefore it is the responsibility of the owner/occupier of the land to clear the waste.

“The council is contacting the landowner to ensure the land is kept clear of waste and prevent detriment to the local area.

“If anyone sees someone fly-tipping, or would like to report an area where it has taken place, please help us catch the culprits by taking note of: the date, time and place of the occurrence; what the waste looks like and how much of it there is; a description of any vehicles involved and the vehicle registration number, and a description of the people fly-tipping.

“Fly-tipping in Luton can be reported by completing the online form or by contacting the customer call centre.”

To call Luton Borough Council’s customer call centre, ring: 01582 510333.

Do you have large amounts of rubbish that has been dumped in your area or spotted cases of fly-tipping?

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