Milo was found dead after going missing from farm

A woman from Markyate is appealing for dog owners to keep their dogs on leads when they are near animals after her Shetland pony was found dead.

Lulu Jenkins was hoping Milo would be found safe and return home after he went missing from her parents’ farm. A week later he was found dead on Thursday, May 24.

She believes Milo was frightened by some dogs that were off their leads and had a heart attack after he ran away.

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She said: “Sadly Milo was found dead, he went missing about a week before and we were hoping he would come back, we have had him for ten years. He is a very timid pony and we thought it was strange when he went missing, he doesn’t normally leave the others.

“We saw dog paw prints in the footpath near to the field and think he may have been scared and chased by dogs off their leads, which led to a heart attack. We want to raise some awareness about dogs being on leads passing livestock and if that can help save the life of another animal then that’s a good thing.”

A RSPCA spokesperson said: “This sounds like a very sad incident. Legally dog owners should have charge and control of their animals in a public place and owners should always keep their dog - no matter how predictable they may feel they are - on a lead around wildlife or other animals to prevent tragedies like this one happening again.”

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