Miracle teen now helps other kids Over The Wall

Courtney Evans
Courtney Evans

A 19-year-old who nearly died of an E. coli infection as a child has decided to volunteer at the same summer bootcamp that helped him through his darkest hours.

Courtney Evans, of Harlington, was only four when he picked up an E. coli infection while playing in the countryside with friends.

He endured months of hospitalisation, caught septicaemia, and seven years ago underwent a kidney transplant from dad Duncan.

Now, Courtney is preparing to volunteer at charity Over The Wall – who provide summer camps for children with illnesses.

Talking about his own experiences there, Courtney said: “It was absolutely excellent. You’re always the ill kid, surrounded by medicines, but when you’re there you don’t even think about it.”

“As you get older, you get to be really good friends with the volunteers and so I know it’s going to be fun. It’s also about paying a little bit back.”

Having survived 26 operations himself, Courtney understands what life is like for children at Over The Wall.

He added: “At the open day, the kids had all these questions and I knew the answers. For sure, people can empathise having been there.”

Courtney studies at Bedford College and is on track to go to Exeter University in September to study Criminology & International Relations.

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