Motocross looking for track improvements

A motocross track in Stanbridge is calling for a change in planning restrictions to enable it to expand its business.

Dunstable Motocross, which has a site in Billington Road, wants to operate the track all year around and boost the number of riders using the course at any one time from seven to 30.

The site first opened in 1995 and strict rules were imposed to limit its use to prevent noise nuisance. Now organiser Steve Brooks is looking to vary the conditions after, he claims, improvements have taken place within the industry.

He has applied to Central Beds Council to run the track throughout the year arguing that during winter weather neighbours would be less likely to have windows open or use their gardens and to alter session times to accommodate training, practise and corporate days.

He is also asking to increase the number of bikes on the track. In a letter to the authority Mr Brooks, from Harlow, said: “We feel an increase in numbers of bikes will have a calming effect on noise. As with motorway noise, a less busy motorway is noisier due to sudden changes in levels whereas a busy motorway keeps a constant hum and is less noticeable.

“This works the same with a motocross track so we feel we will have few complaints in future with more bikes on the track at any one time.

“Noise levels of motocross bikes have dropped dramatically since 1995 when this clause was put in for safety reasons as the track wasn’t manned or maintained to the standard it is now with marshalls and first aiders at every practise session. Bikes have got a lot quieter and the db has lowered considerably since then.”