Mums, don’t miss out by skipping breakfast

While mums give their kids a healthy start to the day with a good breakfast, it has emerged that an alarming number of them don’t apply the same rules to themselves – a fifth of all mums in the UK say they don’t eat breakfast at all, or if they do they’ll eat it on the move.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 20th May 2012, 7:09 am

The surprising news is the result of a poll of 6,000 mums across the UK, conducted by , the UK’s first website dedicated to money saving just for families.

The results help mark Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day, which aims to inspire people to adopt better eating habits and eat better food.

The poll asked 6,000 mums were asked about their breakfast habits with 8.1 per cent saying they don’t eat breakfast and a further 10.3 per cent saying they eat on the go.

One in three say they spend just five or 10 minutes on the most important meal of the day, while around a quarter spend between 10-20 minutes and 14 per cent between 20 and 30 minutes. Fewer than one in 10 said they spend more than 30 minutes on breakfast.

Most mums who skip breakfast said this is because they are pushed for time due to the increasing pressures from modern life. However, MyFamilyClub, in conjunction with Food Revolution Day, aims to help families realise that cooking from scratch can be quick – and cheap.

MyFamilyClub has put together some great resources to help with easy preparation of fresh meals that the whole family will love.